• We propose to provide financial, technical, material and pedagogic support to the growing number of students, instructors, school principals and Directors of Schools across the state of Tennessee interested in health science and bioSTEM education.
  • We propose to integrate biopharmaceutical, med-tech and diagnostic companies and their personnel directly into bioSTEM curricula in Tennessee schools empowering relationships beneficial to students, teachers, districts and companies alike.
  • Approval of the new Tennessee state curricular bioSTEM Program of Study in January 2019 has unlocked explosive interest in health science education.
  • These programs, however, are expensive.
  • We propose supporting bioSTEM education improves science teacher retention, creates scientifically proficient and skilled populations, increases levels of post-secondary education across the state and most importantly, enables a robust and ready workforce necessary to inspire biopharmaceutical, molecular diagnostic and medical technology companies to locate or move operations – and jobs – to Tennessee.
  • We believe a lack of support for bioSTEM educators and the students they teach will create challenges as Tennessee transitions from a hospital- and healthcare services-based economy to a healthcare science-based future.